Inspiring Creativity from the Stories We Tell

Welcome and thank you for stopping by!

My name is Samantha Muntz and I am honored that you have found yourself here. As an uprooted Buckeye currently living in the Peach State, I wanted my public name to be something that reflected the two places that have impacted me as an artist. So in the Summer of 2015, I launched Peachy Buckeye Designs.

To say I’m a travel bug would be an understatement. To say I love people would be downplaying the reality. I have made it my personal mission to travel to as many places as I am able and meet as many people as I can along the way. I am finding though, it isn’t enough for me to keep these stories locked in my heart, I want to share them with others in the best way I can.

The objects you will find in my shop are inspired by the places I have traveled to after leaving the comforts of my airplane’s seat. From Ireland’s grassy meadows, Ohio’s Halloween corn mazes and wheat fields, Arizona’s canyons, Atlanta’s hustling skyline, to pagodas in South Korea, and coffee shops near and far, each of my pieces reflect where I have been. However, it’s not just the colors, decorations, and fragrance that hold a common thread through my creations, it’s the people and the conversations I have had with them that have left the biggest impression.

Each piece of my work is beautifully and uniquely crafted to its inspiration. Wondering what possessed me to make such a piece or what the inspiration was for it? Go ahead- ask! I love sharing about my experiences because when you purchase an item, you too become part of the story. Separately each piece in my shop prides itself in being unique but when you consolidate them together you will find they are not just tiny individual trinkets, they are pieces that form one big masterpiece. Just like all of us.